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“An amazing vehicle for bringing people together from all walks of life!”
-Adam Hitchcock, Comedy Coordinator,

       Indiana University




Dear Student Activities Programmer,

My name is Evan Rosenberg, and I recently graduated from Indiana University, writing to tell you about a brilliant and hilarious one-man show we brought to our campus for three consecutive years while I was a student programmer.

The show is called “Life Love Sex Death...and other works in progress,”
presented by playwright/comedy performance artist, Stevie Jay. I can say, without hesitation, that you will be hard-pressed to find another program that reaches as diverse an audience and hits as many topics relevant to college students as “Life Love Sex Death...and other works in progress.”

Earlier this year, Stevie Jay was the kick-off presenter for Yale University’s “Sex Week at Yale” and is now accepting performance engagements at universities around the country. I highly recommend this dynamic, thought-provoking show to anyone looking for an invaluable
event that will not only entertain, but will create a lasting effect on campus. Please visit Stevie Jay's website for videoclips, reviews, and more: For availability and booking information, please send inquiries to:

Best wishes,

Evan Rosenberg

Alumnus, Indiana University


P.S.  Here is a list of eleven organizations that co-sponsored Stevie Jay at IU: Office of The Chancellor, Kinsey Institute's Sexuality Information Service for Students, Department of Theatre and Drama, Beta Theta Pi Fraternity, IU Health Center, Commission on Multicultural Understanding, Residential Programs and Services, GLBT Student Support Services, Office of Diversity Education, Standing Committee for Men, and IU Student Association.



 “Stevie Jay touches deeply inside his audience and takes them on a consciousness-raising, emotional roller coaster ride—an experience that can only open one's heart.”

-David Haberman, Ph.D., Professor of Religious Studies, Indiana University


 “Stevie Jay’s unique program raises delicate and crucial points about gender and sexuality; it is also, simply, hysterically funny.”

-Lisa Frienkel, Department of English, University of Oregon


 “Stevie Jay is a highly talented artist, educator and performer. He explores sexuality and cultural identity issues in a creative format that is at once provocative, insightful and very funny!”

-Matthew P. Helm, Ph.D., Graduate Career Consultant, Michigan State University


 “Stevie Jay alarmingly reveals the emotionally disturbed person inside each of us!”

-Eva Piccozzi, Daily Collegian, University of Massachusetts/Amherst


 “His points on sexual labeling had every audience member’s head nodding YES!”

-Michael Malone, School of Journalism, Indiana University


 “Stevie Jay wouldn't claim to have all the answers,
but he poses some very important questions.

I haven't laughed this hard or thought this deeply for a long while.”

-Doug Bauder, GLBT Student Support Services, Indiana University







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