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"There's an urgent call in our country for programs that will help mainstream audiences gain an understanding of the wide spectrum of sexuality and relationships. Stevie Jay's one-man show is a great vehicle for opening these crucial topics that are sometimes embarrassing and often difficult to approach. I recommend giving his program your serious consideration."
  -Jennifer Bass, Director of Communications, The Kinsey Institute

Exploding with hysterical monologues, soulful skits, embarrassing observations, and intermittent go-go dancing, Stevie Jay paints a picture of real life on Earth with personal, uncensored stories about relationships, sex, working out at the gym, working out sexual relationships at the gym, and "the endless struggle to remain spiritually-oriented and irresistibly-gorgeous at all times."

“ Stevie Jay presents an evening of dangerous hilarity—pushing the envelope in unexpected directions—through uncharted territory, leaving his audiences with a lot to think about. Everybody should be hearing about Stevie Jay...and soon! ”
  Ray Faiola, CBS, New York

"It began as an experiment," Stevie said, "to create a cosmic variety show that would touch people deeply while distracting them with naughtiness. Audience members tell me how liberating it is to laugh at the excruciating experience of being human. I am so happy when I hear these things. It makes me feel that much closer to realizing my life-long dream of becoming a couples counselor."
“Not just a show. More like a relationship. No performer has ever had so personal an effect on me. Extraordinary!”
 Kate Copstick, The Scotsman, UK

"I figure there are about five basic human emotions, and the rest are just variations. We all know what it's like to be in love, and we all know what it's like to be hurt. So my formula for success is to make sure I am baring my soul at all times. And then if that doesn't work, I know I can always just whip off my shirt and bare my chest. That's a sure-fire winner every time!"
""Stevie Jay exposes the stuff most of us never acknowledge outside the privacy of our own brains.""
  Amy Lemley Communications

"The fact is, the show isn't 100% funny, and some viewers can really get pushed over the edge with the skits about sex and love. During one performance at the Edinburgh Fringe, approximately 20 people went running out of the theatre in the middle of the show. This really caught me off guard...most nights it was only 9 or 10 people and never all at once."
“It would be impossible to advise an audience in advance as to what to expect from Stevie Jay.”
Deborah Minsky, Provincetown Banner

One way or the other, Stevie has grown quite accustomed to being approached on the street by audience members who take delight in quoting their favorite lines at him. "It's very rewarding," he says, "however, some of these lines should not be repeated in public."

"Pick of the Day! Stevie Jay holds his audience in the palm of his hand!"
  The Independent, UK

life, sex, death, and other works in progress
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