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Wisecracking prophet
Review by Toby Emert for Cville Weekly, Charlottesville, VA


A truthful, centered, hilarious evening of theatre
Review by Stephen Beeny for Rainbow Network, UK


Fringe as you never experienced before!
Review by Jane Ambachtsheer for Theatreworld Magazine, UK


Not just a show...more like a relationship. Extraordinary!
Review by Kate Copstick for The Scotsman


Stevie Jay is an original!
Review by Paul Nelson for The Borough News, London


One-man truth teller
Review by Kathryn E. Goodson for, Charlottesville, VA


Shirtless Shaman
Review by Toby Emert for The Hook, Charlottesville, VA

  Stevie Jay Romps Through Life's Big Deals
Review by Deborah Minsky for Provincetown Banner

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  College Review Blurbs
University responses to Stevie Jay
  Kinsey Institute
Stevie Jay at Indiana University

Intimate Interaction
Review by Michael Malone, School of Journalism, IU


Letters from Students
Letters from Audience Members at Indiana University

  Exposing Stevie Jay
Letter to the Editor, The Hook
life, sex, death, and other works in progress
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