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"There's an urgent call in our country for programs and workshops that will help mainstream audiences gain an understanding of the wide spectrum of sexuality and relationships. Stevie Jay's one-man show is a great vehicle for opening these crucial topics that are sometimes embarrassing and often difficult to approach. I recommend giving his program your serious consideration."

-Jennifer Bass, Director of Communications, The Kinsey Institute

Below is a list of some core themes pertinent to "Life Love Sex Death and other works in progress."

These topics, while interrelated, are separated and informally categorized here for the purpose of facilitating discussion groups, Q & A sessions, and workshops.

Monologue Writing / Editing / Comedy / Live Performance


- Monologues and Solo Performances: writing from one's life and personal experiences


- Committing to a single work over a period of years; remaining effective and interested after 300 performances


- The editing process; facing the truth about one’s work and making choices that serve the whole of the project; packing the tightest snowball: finding the courage and willingness to delete some of your “best” material


- Controversial theatre; the fine line between provocative/uncensored and exploitative/abusive; the responsibility of writers, directors and performers to their audiences and to the world.


- Recognizing the authentic creative state; the paradox of faking it and being real about faking it


- The transformational experience of live theatre: exposing pain and truth-telling; the fine line between baring one's soul and self-indulgence; giving 100% in a performance and knowing when one's personal process has gotten in the driver's seat and the audience members have been thrown in the trunk!


- The thrills and challenges of performing with no fourth wall; how to use everything in the room, including interruptions and disrespectful audience members


- Discovering and maintaining self-respect, integrity, and dignity as a presenter of Live Art; honoring one’s service and gifts to the world; is it true that the show must always go on? where do we draw that line?


- Using live performance and interactive theatre as a means of self-study/world study


- Death to the Ego / Jumping off the Cliff:  “dying” to the performance process and opening to one's fullest presence¾on stage and off, finding the courage and willingness to truly let go; moving past the need for approval (on stage and off)


- Utilizing humor as a safe vehicle for expressing pain, trauma, and emotionally-charged issues; creating safety on stage and in the entire venue


- Bridge-building and forging peace: The intersection of the Performing Arts and the Healing Arts


- The effect of one’s creative work on the world; feeding dualistic thinking, paranoia, separatism, and hatred through the arts; opening hearts and minds through the arts


- Zen and the Art of Live Performance: When does the show actually begin? How long after curtain call does the show officially end?





Sex / Gender Roles / Sexual Identity


- Diffusing the emotional charge about sex and sexuality; normalizing sex


- Creating safety and commonality in the world around the subject of sex


- The universality of love and relationships


- The myth of sexual labels: Gay, Straight, Down Low, Metrosexual, etc. Realities or mental constructs? Does this terminology clarify or confuse?


- Using labels as a means of domination, control, exclusion, and self-protection


- The side-effects of “Queer as Folk,” and “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”¾ stereotypes, identities and images. Are these shows benign in terms of the messages they send to the general population? 


- Unconscious self-loathing in The Gay World, and how it’s mirrored and insidiously reinforced in the media


- Moving past Gay Pride; the perils of remaining trapped within the confines of the LGBT community; self-acceptance and integration; exploring and embracing the next step for the LGBT community in the world; integrating sex into the whole of one’s life versus making sexual orientation one’s primary identifying feature; hiding inside the ghetto of one’s sexual identity group


- Men and emotional vulnerability, expressiveness, and intimacy; The Forbidden Fruit of the Industrial Revolution: Men's Secret Attraction for One Another

Psychology / Modern Life / Love / Relationships


- The epidemic of co-dependency in our culture; re-claiming one's basic right to say no; fear of honest communication; withholding one's truth and the turmoil that results


- Power-testing: exploring one's identity in relationships without hurting others; the purgatory of 20-somethings: caught between two worlds


- Healthy use of power in relationships; the misuse of power in relationships


- Modern life: Our lost sense of community within the Nuclear Family Holocaust model; the absence of models of respectful, healthy, loving relationships; lack of elders


- Daily Life, Technology:  computers, cell phones, isolation, disconnection, alienation, despair; too much information; lack of physical contact; apathy


- Knowing One's Shadow / Keeping the Pitbull on a Leash: The key to safety in relationships¾interpersonally and globally


- The Multi-Chakra Extravaganza: connecting the upper and lower energies; accepting and celebrating all parts of oneself; integrating heart, mind, sex, and spiritual energies into one whole being; using “spirituality” to rationalize one’s avoidance of sex, money issues, negative emotions, and earthly pursuits


The Connection Between Life and Love and Sex and Death


- Why intimate relationships scare us “to death”


- The interrelatedness of life, love, sex, and death


- Surrendering control in love versus treating relationships as a game of chess (attempting to conquer one’s opponent)


- Facing, dealing with, communicating about, and practicing death in one's daily life


- Being present with death, literally and metaphorically


life, sex, death, and other works in progress
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