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Letters from Students - Indiana University - “Life Love Sex Death…and other works in progress”

Stevie, I’m writing to thank you again so very much for your show at the Whittenberger last night. Your performance hit me dead center and opened my eyes to so much that I'd never thought about before. Lately I've become very cynical and pessimisticshut down and disconnected from so much of my life. After your show, I felt like a door had opened, as if I had just woken up from a bad dream. I was amazed that someone could have such an impact on me in only two hours. You have a way of connecting with an audience that is rare, and it didn't feel like I was watching a comedy show, but rather, having a funny, intimate conversation with a friend.  

You have a great message that everyone needs to hear. If there’s anything I can do to help with your shows, please let me know. Thank you so much for everything. –Kevin D  



Stevie Jay's presentation at the Whittenberger is one of few shows that have ever hit me this hard. When it was all over, my boyfriend and I went upstairs to our room, closed the door, and burst into tears. We didn’t have to ask each other why we were cryingwe knew why.  

We live in a world full of distance. People walk by each other with a cell phone attached to one ear and an i-pod stuck in the other. I often feel like I'm in a herd of cattle, walking to and from classes. I sit still in a tiny little desk for hours at a time and my professors just read from their notes; I raise my hand to speak, and no one discusses, no one debates, no one questions. It's rare to find someone who touches me, who reaches out and says, “I'm here.”  Like many people in the audience that night, I felt a strong connection to Stevie, and I related to everything he had to say. Most importantly, he gave me hope—and I realized there are people out there, wanting to connect. It's always been my life plan to be an educator, and to do so in an inspiring way; Stevie was just this. I hope some day I can affect someone's life in the way he has affected mine. Thank you for the opportunity to find what I was looking for. -Meredith B

“Life Love Sex Death… and other works in progress” is truly a phenomenal experience that cannot be adequately put into words.  This, of course, does not deter me from at least trying to share it with people at every possible opportunity. I find myself mentioning the show and the ideas in it many times throughout the weeksometimes to complete strangers.  

Your show, which very easily could be entitled “Everything,” is made of such stuff as I talk about in late night conversations with close friends, and since I've seen it, I've had a more tangible way of getting at these ideas. Above all else, your show made me feel wonderful because I knew I was not alone in my deep thoughts. Thank you, Stevie. You've made a friend in me, and if there is any way I can possibly help bring your show to a larger audience, please let me know. -Brian M


Hello, Stevie. Recently I attended your multi-extravaganza and was blown away by your energy and enthusiasm, intoxicated by your message and your delivery. I left the theater giddy and inspired to be more vulnerable and true with everyone in my days. Thank you a thousand times over for sharing this experience with me. I love you for affording me, for affording all of us, the chance to peek inside the mind of a disturbingly enlightened sojourner. Here's hoping you can return to IU soon because so many of us here are in desperate need of the fresh breeze you bring. Thank you, thank you, and thanks again. -Ethan K


I met up with two friends last night at the Buskirk-Chumley for Stevie Jay's one-man show, “Life Love Sex Death...and other works in progress.” I thought the sentiment was fantastic, with moments of brilliance. It was racy and honest and open, and the big point (in my mind) was that the men of the world need to be more open about their feelings, and a little less skittish about sexualityor a LOT less skittishand that we need to drop our pretenses and interact with each other as human beings rather than robots, because let's be honestwe're not fooling anyone. I think Stevie’s probably right. I'm in. -Erik P



Both Stevie Jay AND his message are very real and very human, cutting through the cultural programming that makes us all so fake and afraid of differences. We're just human, and it's OK, and Stevie’s Multi-Chakra Extravaganza helps people come to terms with their individual humanity. Thank you for this experience! -Paul M, Human Being

How does one give proper due to a multi-chakra extravaganza? I can only tell you what gifts Stevie Jay brought to the audience and what realizations I had after having spent 90 glorious minutes laughing, weeping and sharing honestly in an auditorium filled with strangers.         I was rivetednot by something new, but by something that struck so close to home. It was like being introduced to a long-lost brother for the first time.

Stevie Jay’s show takes people on a journey and gives them a feeling of being accepted for who, what and where they are in their lives; where the audience goes from there is a profound thing to observe. I felt inspired and energized, and I left the auditorium feeling able to open myself to others and to make positive changes in myself.  -Aaron C



Dear Stevie: My favorite message that you conveyed in your show was about being human: People are not gay or straight or any labelwe are all simply HUMAN. I like that. I like that a lot. I am glad to know that people like you exist in this worldI wish there were more of them. If enough of us keep doing our thing, the world really can be a better place. Keep up the good work! -Laura M

Stevie Jay is one of the most extraordinary and charismatic and illuminating performers one could ever hope to experience. Watching his show, it is beautifully easy to feel like you are sitting around talking with one of your closest friends.  

 “Life Love Sex Death… and other works in progress” has been an amazing adventure for me twice now, and there is no doubt in my mind that it will be refreshing and amazing the next time Bloomington is honored with a visit from Stevie. I look forward to another inspiring “conversation” with him in the fall, and you can count on me to spread the word. Thank you so much. -Katie B


Stevie, I believe that your art is a gift to the world, and that the world’s reciprocation is long overdue. I definitely consider this to be my most formative experience thus far in collegepossibly in all my schooling, ever. -Evan M



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