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College Review Blurbs

“There's an urgent call in our country for programs that will help mainstream audiences gain an understanding of the wide spectrum of sexuality and relationships. Stevie Jay's one-man show is a great vehicle for opening these crucial topics that are sometimes embarrassing and often difficult to approach. I recommend giving his program your serious consideration.”
-Jennifer Bass, Director of Communications, The Kinsey Institute

“Stevie Jay alarmingly reveals the emotionally disturbed person inside each of us!”
-Eva Piccozzi, Daily Collegian, University of Massachusetts/Amherst

“Astonishingly relevant! Stevie Jay, as evidenced by his writing, is a brilliant thinker.”
-Toby Emert, Ph.D., Department of English, Agnes Scott College

“Stevie Jay touches deeply inside his audience and takes them on a consciousness-raising,
emotional roller coaster ride, an experience that can only open one's heart.”
-David Haberman, Ph.D., Professor of Religious Studies, Indiana University

“An amazing vehicle for bringing people together from all walks of life.”
-Adam Hitchcock, Comedy Coordinator, Indiana University Program Board

“I haven't laughed this hard or thought this deeply for a long while.
Stevie Jay wouldn't claim to have all the answers,
but he poses some very important questions.”
-Doug Bauder, GLBT Coordinator, Indiana University

“Stevie Jay's show is truly peacemaking, pressing the audience to look at themselves
in a whole new light, with amazing humor and insight. He presented
so much eye-opening information, I feel compelled to go back and take it all in again!”
-Lisa Marie Napoli, Ph.D., Community Conflict Resolution Program, Indiana University

“We’re like ‘Pleasantville’ here at the University of Dayton
no colors ANYWHERE in sight and then Stevie Jay comes along.
These people didn’t even know what hit them and it’s about time.”
-Kate Haumesser, University of Dayton

“Stevie Jay is a master storyteller whose sage observations about the trouble we have
opening our hearts to each other are provocative and disturbing. By all means, see this show!”
-Gordon Malcolm, Jr., University of Virginia

“Stevie Jay is a highly talented artist, educator and performer.
He addresses sexual identity, race, and gender issues in a creative format that is at once provocative,
insightful, and very funny. Do not miss the opportunity to bring this extraordinary program to your campus!”
-Matthew P. Helm, Ph.D., Graduate Career Consultant, Michigan State University

“Stevie Jay’s messages of love and acceptance are loud and clear,
and hopefully more people will learn to pay attention.”
Leslie Smith, The Rotunda, Longwood College

“Stevie Jay's unique program raises crucial issues about gender, sexuality and identity politics,
and does so with a very loving touch; it is also, simply, hysterically funny.”
Lisa Frienkel, Department of English, University of Oregon

“Stevie Jay's show challenges all of us to think more inclusively about people and relationships,
providing multiple perspectives on sexual orientation and gender identity issues
in a fun and entertaining way. I highly recommend this program.”
-Violet Allain, Safe Zone, James Madison University

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