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Here's what they're saying about Stevie Jay!

“Stevie Jay presents an evening of dangerous hilarity, pushing the envelope in unexpected directions, through uncharted territory leaving his audiences with a LOT to think about. Everybody should be hearing from and about Stevie Jay... and soon!”
-Ray Faiola, CBS, New York

“"There's an urgent call in our country for programs that will help mainstream audiences gain an understanding of the wide spectrum of sexuality and relationships. Stevie Jay's one-man show is a great vehicle for opening these crucial topics that are sometimes embarrassing and often difficult to approach. I recommend giving his program your serious consideration."”
-Jennifer Bass, Director of Communications, The Kinsey Institute

“With boundless energy, Stevie Jay takes us on a laughter-filled journey of life and love, relaxing us with his efforts to make sense of an illogical world. A truthful, centered, hilarious evening of theatre!”
-Stephen Beeny, Rainbow Network, London

“PICK OF THE DAY! Stevie Jay holds the audience in the palm of his hand!”
-The Independent, UK

““Not just a show, more like a relationship.
No performer has ever had so personal an effect on me. Extraordinary!”
-Kate Copstick, The Scotsman, UK

“Stevie Jay is an original—witty, fast, enchanting, and engaging!”
-Paul Nelson, Borough News, London

"Stevie Jay has invented his own genre of performing—advanced theatre
never seen before—riding the wave of an emerging world consciousness.
I would watch this show a thousand times!”
-Farhad Emad, Tashbain Chronicle, Yorkshire, UK

"Stevie Jay takes us full circle and wipes the slate clean—
challenging us to be nothing but OPEN during our lifetime.”
-Jane Ambachtsheer, Theatreworld Magazine, UK

“No audience could possibly be advised in advance as to what to expect from Stevie Jay.
This is performance art at its best!”
-Deborah Minsky, Provincetown Banner

“Stevie Jay is a latter day Lenny Bruce! Grippingly funny—not for the weak of heart,
though they might need him most. Have courage and fun, and go see him!”
-Phyllis White, WTJU Radio

“Stevie Jay picks up where Lily Tomlin left off.
This show is nothing less than a timeless, transformational masterpiece!”
-Amy Lemley, Live Arts Performance Center

“AS REAL AS IT GETS! Naughty, bawdy, soul-searching, and hilarious!
Like the deepest breath you've ever taken. ”
-Yael Ksander, WFHB-Radio

“The frankness of Stevie Jay's humor and raw honesty
makes the whole audience undress their souls!”
-Josh Martin, Director, American Lands Alliance

“Stevie Jay is an artist who ‘feels ouloud’ the things we’re all afraid to say—
and that’s where his show morphs from being all about Stevie to being about each of us.”
-Kathryn Goodson,

“Hits so many levels of the human psyche so fast, there’s no time to come up for air!
The money I’ve been shelling out on therapy
would be better spent seeing this show on a weekly basis.”
-Glenn Harris, Miki Liszt Dance Company

“This show is mind-blowing and life-changing and should be booked in
every major city across the continent—and then some!”
-Barb Germershausen, Simply Editor

"Stevie Jay has captured the very essence of performing arts—delivering audiences back
to their misplaced humanity. This show gives you strength to go on!”
-Ray Eliot Schwartz, Founder, Zen Monkey Project

“We, the people of Planet Earth, need more of Stevie Jay, and wisely,
are willing to pay good money to be taken on a life-altering, heart-opening ride with him.”
Douglas Olson,

“Stevie Jay captivates his audience with an energy that doesn't stop flowing,
even when the show is over. Clever and engaging with a heart too big to be overshadowed
by his insightful wisecracks, not only will you leave Stevie’s show thinking about the world,
but also about how you can change it for the better.”
-Shawn Decker, Author, My Pet Virus

“Do NOT miss this show! Stevie Jay is amazing!—an entertainer, educator,
spiritual teacher, therapist, comedian—you just have to see him to believe it!”
-Tom Fronczak, LCSW, Angell Street Wellness Collective, Providence

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