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One-Man Truth Teller
Review by Kathryn E. Goodson for

There are some things that will remain foundations of Charlottesville: The University of Virginia, Thomas Jeffeson, and apparently, Stevie Jay! One cannot speak enough about a one-man show that forces the issue of just how excruciatingly awkward, embarrassing and sensational it is to be...well, human.

He's weird, he's wonderful, he's Stevie Jay—a one-man truth-teller like truth has never been told. In his one-man show, Life Love Sex Death...And Other Works In Progress, Stevie waxes comedic, wanes dramatic, energizes and go-go dances his way into the minds of his audience. You'll be moved to tears and laughter as Stevie unveils his uncensored stories of life on Earth as only he can tell them. This is an artist who feels outloud the things we're all afraid to say; that's where the act morphs from being all about Stevie to being about each of us. And who would have thought so many people would be running to watch this roller coaster of humor, anger, fear, intelligence, and amongst everything else—the age-old, gut-wrenching angst of love?

Are our own behaviors and feelings bad, or universally normal? Join this button-pushing, pot-stirring performer at The New Dance Space and find out the answers to these puzzles and more...perhaps even have a well-deserved laugh at yourself. Forget the Metrazol—Life Love Sex Death...And Other Works In Progress is the very funny dose of medicine we could all use!

This laugh-riot of a monolgoue runs March 28-30, April 4-6, beginning at 8 PM sharp. Thursdays: pay-as-your-heart-dictates.

Kathryn E. Goodson

life, sex, death, and other works in progress
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