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Shirtless Shaman
Review by Toby Emert for The Hook

If you haven't heard the news, he's back. Back in town and back on the stage. Following his stint at the Finborough Theatre in London, Stevie Jay—Charlottesville's resident Wisecracking Prophet—brings his one-man show, Life Love Sex Death..and Other Works in Progress to the Live Arts LAB space just in time for the holdiays.

Across the Big Blue, they called him infectious, philisophical, witty, enchanting, and engaging. Back here at home, we might say he is hilarious, provocative, and downright sexy. Po-TAY-to, po-TAH-to! If you've somehow missed Stevie Jay previously, now's your chance to become a member of the growing fan club.

Known around town for his souped-up cleverness, his heart-driven honesty and his mischievous grin, Stevie Jay is a master storyteller with a signature ability to make us laugh and ponder in the same moment. In 90 jam-packed minutes, Stevie delivers an extravaganza of wit and wisdom—incorporating erotic humor, Eastern philosophy, go-go dancing, a crash course on chakras, soul-baring stories of some very close encounters at the gym, and piercing ruminations on relationships, death, and the grief process. It's a winding trip through dense and sexy terrain, and Stevie leads the way like a shirtless shaman, compelling us to follow along on an intimate journey of learning to live in flawed world. And we do follow along—laughing all the way!

Jane Ambachtsheer, writing about the show for Theatreworld Magazine (London) says it well: "This is an intensely satisfying experience—the feeling of which I hope to hold on to for a long time—the lessons of which we must all endeavour to employ. But first, you have to go see it." Amen to that.

Life Love Sex Death..and Other Works in Progress lights up the LAB space December 13-15 at 8 PM, with a second performance at midnight on the 15th.

Toby Emert.
The Hook, Charlottesville, VA

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