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Fringe as you never experienced before!
Review by Jane Ambachtsheer for Theatreworld Magazine, UK

LIFE, LOVE, SEX, DEATH... and other works in progress is a big title, but quite amazingly, not too big a subject list for Stevie Jay. In this highly entertaining and endearing ninety-minute one-man show, he tackles them all—baring himself and challenging the audience to do the same.

This is fringe as you’ve never experienced it before: It’s like Jim Carroll meets Jim Carey in a tantra yoga class where they serve drinks. Stevie Jay challenges not only social stereotypes, but also the way we let the actions (and reactions) of others cripple us. With humour and commendable perception, he moves from arguing ‘wouldn’t it be great if you could have someone arrested and put behind bars for molesting your inner child?’, to demonstrating that others’ negativity can be neutralised and even employed by using it to strengthen our inner selves.

Stevie takes us full circle and wipes the slate clean, challenging us to be nothing but open during our time here—as life is undoubtedly a terminal process. This doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be fun, but rather that we shouldn't place our emotional welfare in the hands of others. When someone tells us ‘the feeling isn’t mutual’, why should we let this destroy our own feelings—or worse, why let it knock away at our enlightenment which allowed us not only to recognise those emotions, but the bravery to vocalise them? It shouldn’t, he determines, even if not everyone listens to the Pointer Sisters...

This is an intensely satisfying experience—the feeling of which I hope to hold on to for a long time—the lessons of which we must all endeavour to employ. But first, you have to go see it—it’s at the Finborough until May 26th.

life, sex, death, and other works in progress
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